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Our Executive Search Process is a systematic, thorough, strategically-driven process, which we feel distinguishes our firm from many competitors. The major elements of our process include:

  • Strategic Review
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Organizational Design
  • Client Presentation
  • Position Specifications
  • Negotiations & Closing
  • Targeted Research
  • Summary
  • Candidate Identification

Strategic Review

To effectively perform an executive search assignment, we start by developing a thorough understanding of our client’s business including:

  • Company history
  • Style
  • Philosophy
  • Products
  • Strategy
  • Services
  • Organization
  • Markets
  • Management
  • Competition
  • Personality

To accomplish the review, our partners and staff spend a considerable amount of time interviewing client personnel and reviewing company literature, plans and policies.

Upon completion of the review, our firm prepares a detailed retainer agreement for approval, outlining our understanding of the assignment, the specific responsibilities of our firm and the client, and the terms of compensation. Typically, our clients have a well-defined organizational plan for accomplishing the long-range objectives of the business. In these instances, we devote our efforts to understanding the client’s organizational plans and policies in very specific terms.

Occasionally, our clients have major questions regarding the organizational structure and type of resources (e.g., talent levels, experience) required for success. In these instances, we offer clients an ancillary service in developing organizational recommendations in:

  • Organizational structure
  • Policies and procedures
  • Management process
  • Compensation systems

Position Specifications

Upon receipt of a signed retainer agreement, our firm develops a detailed position description outlining:

  • Company background/history
  • Future goals and objectives
  • Position title and description
  • Reporting relationships
  • Career path opportunities
  • Primary responsibilities
  • Additional responsibilities
  • Required experience
  • Ideal personal characteristics
  • Preliminary compensation range

Targeted Research

Upon client approval of the position specifications, we undertake a systematic, thorough approach to determine target industries, companies and potential candidates. We utilize three basic research sources:

  • New research of targeted industries and companies
  • Networking with our industry sources
  • Our firm’s extensive data bank of candidates