Samanta Sarmiento


Samanta Sarmiento is an international advisor with ample experience in communication strategies and in generating multi-sectoral alliances. She has a vast experience in planning, designing, managing control and fundraising for global companies mainly for environmental and social projects. She has worked for major media corporations leaders in their sectors for over twenty years.

Her strengths include a track record in creativity, emotional intelligence, high professionalism and team building skills. She specializes in mass media, televisión scheduling and production, corporate identity, public relations, communication tools, screenplay and conducting events.

Samanta is an associate of Global Strategic Advise Services, a leading global advisory firm dedicated to providing solutions to needsfor both corporate and family-owned business. Her present activities include counseling on environmental issues for Secretaría de Educación Pública, (Mexican federal government).

In the last ten years, she has developed and leaded relevant international projects in Fundación Azteca de Grupo Salinas company, such as Limpiemos Nuestro México (Lets Clean our Mexico), one of the worl’s largest environmental campaigns, where more than four million people volunteer to clean up and separate solid waste. With a replicable model and expanding vision the campaign has presence in all Mexican States, Perú, El Salvador, Guatemala and China.

She also lead and developed Esperanza Azteca (The Sound of Hope), a Mexican network of symphonic orchestras and choirs for low income children via their schooling.

She started her career as Associate Producer for Televisión Azteca in Mexico City (newscasts, opinion and investigation broadcasts and new projects), with both national and international reach. Her experience includes special media coverages such as the World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland) and global forums at Berkley Universitiy in California, US.

Mexican and Spanish citizen, Samanta divides her time in both countries and speaks fluent Spanish and English. She has a teenage son and is single. She likes travelling, nature, gastronomy, psychology, films, astronomy and music.

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