Pedro Portilla is an experienced executive and CEO; he has participated in several companies in leadership roles in the marketing, media, entertainment and sports industries. For over 25 years of career, he has proved his capacity to lead talented groups through strategic thinking to achieve specific results. Pedro begins his career as Corporate Image Director at B&C Marketing Group, a pioneer company in Mexico to develop sports business industry. Pedro has experience within the automotive industry being appointed Communication and Marketing Director for Latin America at Dina Trucks, being in charge of the new HTQ technology launching.

Pedro was Marketing Director for Televisa Sports and Special Events having an important role in the creation and development of Televisa Deportes concept and brand. In Televisa, Pedro has the opportunity to participate in the promotion and broadcast of several events such as Mexican First Division Soccer League, MLB, NFL, Olympic Games, among others. After Televisa stage Pedro launched La Factoría Idea Lab, an advertising and communication agency in Mexico City. Pedro leads negotiations to merge La Factoria with Fischer America, a Brazilian advertising agencies network, creating Fischer America Mexico. As General Director, Pedro leads the agency getting important accounts such as DirecTV, HBO, ESPN, Laureate Universities, Mexico City Ministry of Tourism, as well as Panasonic Latin America account.

During 2005 Pedro joins Club America, the most important soccer Club in Mexico owned by Grupo Televisa, as Marketing and Communication VP. A couple of years later Pedro is appointed Executive VP. The main sports achievements include 2 national championships, 1 CONCACAF championship, 1 Interliga title as well as several successful participations in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. After leaving Club America, Pedro sets up Cuatro Cuatro Dos, a consultancy firm for marketing and entertainment industries, having as first client Grupo Albavision, a private single owner Latin-American network with 26 open TV channels, 82 radio stations, 40 movie theaters and a soccer team. Product of this relation Pedro is appointed as President of Comunicaciones FC, one of the most important soccer teams in Central America, developing a 5-year sports plan, which results has surpassed all expectations. After five years without reaching any title we got 7 national championships in 5 years and 4 international tournaments participations (CONCACAF Champions League). Pedro was also in charge of the launching of QualyTV, the pay TV arm of the group as General Manager and Head of the start up.

Pedro graduated as Industrial Designer by Universidad Iberoamericana. He has also been a consultant for several companies in Mexico. He currently lives between Mexico City and Central America.