Patrick Sinclair is an expert at helping corporate executives, politicians and others gain the confidence and skills to persuasively communicate themselves, their ideas, an institutional identity or a product’s benefits.Patrick has developed dozens of core messages, strategies and training for clients who face crisis, important meetings, television appearances, speeches, media interviews, product launches, or the need to advocate public policy. He has worked with officials from the governments of Hong Kong, The Netherlands and the city of Los Angeles; executives from corporations including Racal, Pacific Dunlop, and Aetna, and candidates in several U.S. election campaigns.

Prior to joining Global Human Capital Solutions, Patrick was Vice President of Marketing for an internet marketing services company. Before that, he served as Executive Director of Progress LA, a campaign to enact the mayor’s land use reform agenda, where Patrick extensively coached and trained numerous individuals ranging from the CEO of The Gas Company to the head of a local housing association. Patrick himself delivered 60 or more speeches around the city of Los Angeles. Previous to his work in Los Angeles, Patrick was a Vice President at New York firms Gavin Anderson and Company, specialists in international communication, and Campaign Strategies, a U.S. campaign consulting firm. During this time, he trained people ranging from the Chief Secretary of Hong Kong to the Chairman of Pacific Dunlop to the New York City Borough President, preparing them for important presentations, interviews, meetings and/or debates.

Today, Patrick develops specialized programs and sessions to help clients understand and maximize their abilities to confidently persuade and lead fellow employees, media, shareholders or consumers. The focus can be helping an individual or a team. Each client is provided with a specialized program after an initial in-take session. The resultant approach centers around the notion of instilling confidence through education, practice, and an understanding of one’s own assets and liabilities in this area and how to manage them to your benefit.

Patrick has a Masters from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a B.A. from New York University. An American, Patrick currently resides in Madrid with his teenage daughter. In addition to consulting work, Patrick recently created a program to teach English to at-risk children thru a community program called Valdepareles, and served as a teacher there every week for 25 children ranging from 5-19, all with family, learning or physical challenges.