Oscar Contreras is the President and CEO of ASARI, a consulting group based in Mexico City that was originally established in 1980 to support major projects in the infrastructure sector. This includes important works in the areas in the oil industry, railroads and highways, aerospace, marine ports and any other sector where major project management and supervising projects are involved. He has worked managing more than 50 major projects along his ample career in this sector.

Oscar started his career working for an important family-owned company with office in Mexico and the United States, Demar Instaladora y Constructora where he had extensive responsibility not only managing projects, but also bringing in new accounts.

Oscar is a skilled negotiator, with ample experience in problem solving, conflict management, and project management expertise. He has worked with important Mexican companies such as PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos), CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) that are complex semi-state owned companies. He was in charge of managing their alliances, joint-ventures with major national and international engineering firms to effectively execute multi-million dollar projects to transform their operations. His multi-cultural and people management expertise where important skills during these years-long assignments.

Oscar Business Development expertise has a proved track record where he clearly understands how to work as a team player and leader, when necessary to ensure clients that a major contract is won. He has worked as a contact and liaison for foreign contractors, vendors and clients working under complex scenarios to ensure results.

Oscar is a Civil Engineer and has an MBA from IPADE. He lives in Mexico City, he is married and has a family. He is fluent in English and Spanish