International Strategic Business advisor to Venezuela, Andean Region and Latin America.

Had a Corporate Career with Dun and Bradstreet International in several leading Commercial and Business Development roles, managing major relationships with key clients.

In the present, he is the Representative & Correspondent of D&B for Venezuela. Prior to this role, he was General Manager at INFORMA (Cesce Group, Spain) in Venezuela.

Founding Partner of Cobraven C.A. in Venezuela and Cobraven Group Corp in USA for past due, and account collections efforts in Latin America.

He also works as a Commercial Agent for logistics development of new business in Latin America, with legal support for major financial services groups, as well as managing the Logistics “call center” to develop new products and developments in the region. The Call Center is based in Panama City and Caracas.

Works with Global Strategic Advise Services in the Andean Region and part of Central America and the Caribbean Region.

Married, Bilingual, Venezuelan.