Elena studied Business Administration at Queen’s University at Belfat (N. Ireland), she is Emotional Intelligence Specialist by the Universidad of Camilo José Cela, Business and Life Coach certified by the Global NLP Training Insitute (USA) and Licensed Trainer of NLP by The Society of Richard Bandler. Besides she has been trained and certificated in non verbal language but Paul Ekman International in London.

Her previous professional background was in corporate communication and lately she worked as a headhunter (Korn/Ferry International and Global Human Capital Solutions).

Since 2002 she works as an independent consultant focused on human resources consulting, coaching and training in emotional intelligence, communication, management and leadership skills, both, in the corporate environment and in educational institutions (schools and institutes, universities and businesses schools).

As a coach, she brings a wide experience with managers and professionals, personal and sport coaching, young people and specially with women coaching. This last as a coach in the Lidera Project of the Comunidad de Madrid (Spain).

She was borned in Cuba in 1963, lived several years in the USA and now she is currently living in Madrid.