With over 20 years experience as Human Resources Consultant, Antonio is specializing in the areas of organization change, Training and Coaching. Clients report his style as charismatic, collaborative and people oriented. He is based in Madrid and he started working with Global Human Capital Solutions in the year 2011.

Dealing with uncertainty in one of the success factor in many industries today and Antonio is very experienced in these situations across Europe and Latin-American. He is a talent and skilful change agent with experience in most MNC industries including IT and Communications, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Banking and Financial Services.

Antonio has worked in organizational development with European CEO’s dealing with communications issues across countries, as a consultant and facilitator in business transformation from middle to high level leaders in mayor Spanish Industries and Banking, as team coach developing High performance teams and as Master Coach in TTT coaching programs. Antonio has worked for several companies such as Alcoa, ABB, AstraZeneca, La Caixa, Deutsche Bank, Goodyear, General Motors, Hero, Hewlett-Packard, Lilly, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Philip Morris Solvay, St. Jude Medical and TUI.

Antonio’s studies include Industrial Engineer by the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and a MBA by the Instituto de Empresa BS. Master Trained Certificated in Business and Systemic Coaching; he holds a certificate in Gestalt Therapist (EMTG, Madrid) and in Integrative Psychology by Claudio Naranjo. In the NLP field, he also holds a Trainer degree in NLP by the Society of NLP of Richard Bandler and a certificate in Systemic Therapy and Consultancy with John McWhirter (DBM©).

Prior to work as Human Resources Consultant, he works as business development in Latin America for mayor Spanish companies during ten years and he manage contracts for over 500 mill$.

His personal interests include, foremost his family, writing and a coaching school; he is fluent in Spanish and English.